Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Song of the Sands

I have stared in the mouths of crimson wyrms
And felt the claws of drakes so sleek
But through deserts dry and sandy storms
There is something else I seek

In the trail of giant worms I walk
Through tunnels of sand below
Of arcane tools let there be no talk
It's on the wyrmic path I go!

The dragon's breath corrodes my eyes
It tears flesh from my skin
But onward I search to see what lies
Amidst the sandy depths within

The piles of sand fall past my head
Nearly crushing me alive
But I hurry on bereft of dread
For my quest I must survive!

The sandworms go from strength to strength
Ever greater do they seem
Of towering height and massive length
It is all as if a dream...

To the darkest depths I now depart
In search of my one fate
How I long to taste the beating heart
Of the legendary worm so great!

I have seen the Queen in glory true
And she has moved me to my soul
Oh Queen! Let me be a part of you!
Please devour me! Swallow me whole!!

[Inspired by Tales of Maj'Eyal]

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