Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Fear Pride Shame?

BANG! The man falls dead.
BANG! The man falls dead.
BOOM! Three men fall dead.

Why? But no words are said.
Who? As bullet ploughs through head.
How? The room stained sticky red.

No questions in this silent den
No women in this world of men
Violence is the only answer.

A trollish poem, "Me Likes To Club!"

Club club club,
Grab some grub!
When hunger hits,
Me likes to club!

Little halfling,
Furry feet,
Smash his brains,
Tasty meat!

Skinny elf,
Eyes so blue,
Crush his bones,
Make elf stew!

Song of the Sands

I have stared in the mouths of crimson wyrms
And felt the claws of drakes so sleek
But through deserts dry and sandy storms
There is something else I seek

In the trail of giant worms I walk
Through tunnels of sand below
Of arcane tools let there be no talk
It's on the wyrmic path I go!

The dragon's breath corrodes my eyes
It tears flesh from my skin
But onward I search to see what lies
Amidst the sandy depths within

Arcane Pride

In Age of Allure rose an archmage high
With power beyond compare
And the people poor would not come nigh
His dark and terrible lair

Whilst crops fell dead in drought and blight
And children grew diseased
The wizard dread stole in the night
To pillage what he pleased

But a hero came with shining sword
And a will of solid steel
Not seeking fame or high reward
He followed but his zeal

The Red Rooster At Dawn

I Sing to You Now Chapter One:
The Lord of the Land of the Burning Sun

Jak-Nagiur! City of Hate!
There I was born - such was my fate.
A jester I was, to the lord Alhacrast,
Whose empire was evil, mighty and vast.

Great was the power he held in his hands,
And ever his evil did spread to new lands,
His dominion was wide over the deserts south-east,
Where his rule governed over every race and beast.

But he was never happy with his mighty reign,
Always he sought for some greater gain.
Secrets he searched for, of new powers to wield,
And finally one day his fate was sealed.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A Bourbon Dunked

I had a bourbon biscuit,
And I dunked it in my tea,
"Egads!" cried out the bourbon,
"What have you done to me?!

"My bottom is all soggy,
My biscuit turned to waste,
My creamy, sweet soft filling
Melting into paste!

"Why did you just do this,
This vile and evil deed,
Against a noble bourbon loved
By every race and creed?"

Do the T'Char Dance!

The T'Char Dance,
Oh the T'Char Dance!
Grab your belt tight
And move those pants!

Consume the root,
And suffer you shall,
By the dance dance dance
Dance six steps
You'll feel so dark,
Three more and jump
With a blasting spark!
Dance five steps
And jump through fire,
Nine more steps
And the flames reach higher!

A Mold Romance

I watch the corpses fall in scores,
Then move in with my precious spores,
Yearning for fungal allures,
I want to see their beauteous bloom!

In the heat of battle I feel no pain
Under the 'fluence of lobstermane,
Grunge ear growing through my veins,
I will not fall amidst this gloom!

Truffle and agaric give me might,
The Prince will last throughout the fight,
My powers fueled by cap of night,
Monsters, prepare to find thy tomb!

A Rogue's Adventure

Through dungeons fell and halls so grim,
I sleuth, I sneak, in silence creep,
Further searching through the dim
For treasures hidden in the deep.

Rings slid from skeletal hands,
I want them so, they need them less.
Ignore the Goddess' quaint commands,
Her petty gifts do not impress.

I run as sharp-nosed diggles chase,
Whilst plundering their nests of grime,
Stolen yolk drips down my face,
A statue falls - heroic crime!

The Curious Mage

I played with fire, I toyed in ice,
I walked the leys so fabulous,
I turned to dark-spawned powers of vice,
And even dabbled in calculus.

I conquered minds, I drank of souls,
I drew down strength from pure starlight,
I clothed in flesh of young and old,
My moustache golems flexed their might.

So many scores of monsters slain,
Braised and burst and thaumite smothered,
But my powers were naught, my magic vain,
When in the lutefisk cube I placed another...

[inspired by Dungeons of Dredmor]