Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Do the T'Char Dance!

The T'Char Dance,
Oh the T'Char Dance!
Grab your belt tight
And move those pants!

Consume the root,
And suffer you shall,
By the dance dance dance
Dance six steps
You'll feel so dark,
Three more and jump
With a blasting spark!
Dance five steps
And jump through fire,
Nine more steps
And the flames reach higher!

The T'Char Dance,
Oh the T'Char Dance!
The root's digestin',
As you wildly prance!

One step and jump
With a little blast,
Eight more beats
For a heatrune vast,
Dance four steps
To inscribe the floor,
Dance aside
To burn some more!
Two more steps,
Explosions placed,
Four beats more,
Jump with haste!

The T'Char Dance,
Oh the T'Char Dance!
The floor's on fire
With unholy chants!

Last four steps
About the room
To now unleash
Tentacular Doom!
Open six mouths
Sing with tongues!
As tentacles burst
From your lungs!
T'Char's here!
Dance those feet!
The end of the world
To a funky beat!

[Inspired by Dungeons of Dredmor]

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