Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Arcane Pride

In Age of Allure rose an archmage high
With power beyond compare
And the people poor would not come nigh
His dark and terrible lair

Whilst crops fell dead in drought and blight
And children grew diseased
The wizard dread stole in the night
To pillage what he pleased

But a hero came with shining sword
And a will of solid steel
Not seeking fame or high reward
He followed but his zeal

"From Zigur I come on righteous quest
To battle foes arcane
I will not succumb to magic detest
I will end this evil reign"

And so he rode on pure-white steed
To the warlock's hold
That dank abode of dark misdeed
He entered brave and bold

There battle blazed beyond all sight
Sword clashed with spell
Blood was razed in fearsome fight
Scream followed yell

A beam was cast of arcane pure
Piercing mail and shield
But still steadfast with flesh secure
The hero did not yield

A slash tore through the wizard's cloth
His hat dropped to the ground
From loose grip flew his staff so wroth
Thus fell the mage renowned

Now bare of skin and weaponless
Here lay but a man
No arcane sin could now redress
The blood that freely ran

"Fool warlock dead, you were too vain
To gifts of Nature trust
Your faith instead in tools arcane
Now to Nature you are dust"

[Inspired by Tales of Maj'Eyal]

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