Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A Mold Romance

I watch the corpses fall in scores,
Then move in with my precious spores,
Yearning for fungal allures,
I want to see their beauteous bloom!

In the heat of battle I feel no pain
Under the 'fluence of lobstermane,
Grunge ear growing through my veins,
I will not fall amidst this gloom!

Truffle and agaric give me might,
The Prince will last throughout the fight,
My powers fueled by cap of night,
Monsters, prepare to find thy tomb!

Blobbies, beware of my true slime!
As toxic clouds kill in time,
Oh Mushroom Beast, dismiss this grime!
By Shuggoth's powers meet thy doom!

Blungecap's greed makes gain from strife,
Fairywodger restores my life,
Through dungeons mold-growth is now rife,
Fear the 'shroom, FEAR THE 'SHROOM!!!

[Inspired by Dungeons of Dredmor]

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