Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A Rogue's Adventure

Through dungeons fell and halls so grim,
I sleuth, I sneak, in silence creep,
Further searching through the dim
For treasures hidden in the deep.

Rings slid from skeletal hands,
I want them so, they need them less.
Ignore the Goddess' quaint commands,
Her petty gifts do not impress.

I run as sharp-nosed diggles chase,
Whilst plundering their nests of grime,
Stolen yolk drips down my face,
A statue falls - heroic crime!

A locked chest makes my eyebrows twitch,
Inviting thoughts of precious plunder,
Will I be gifted, will I be rich?
No! A monster bursts from under!

I sneak, I snitch, I trap, I shoot,
Unfair tactics at their best,
But all are vain, my powers mute,
As the horror slashes 'cross my chest.

I flee! The nearest door compels,
I hope for route to safe belows,
But ah, beyond a zoo of madness dwells!
Hope dies first, body follows.

[Inspired by Dungeons of Dredmor]

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