Friday, 14 December 2012

To Proteus

I wade to foreign shores,
Its allures too strong to tarry
Longer midst the quiet waves

By what means I came to land
Upon this sand so gold cannot
Be told from memory.
My past now dimmed in shadow,
Yet lo, I stand in light,
In delight at sights and sounds
On ground so rich and verdant
To my senses awed

Blazen pink and peach
On blossoms reaching to the azure sky
While tinkling flowers bud
And bloom, and mushrooms
Softly boom in mellow tones

Swiftly stirs a breeze,
The trees erupt
In sumptuous symphony as
Petals ringing soar
Through air and flowers
Chime in harmony
Unlike aught I’ve heard before

I walk amidst the wonder,
Strolling under coloured
Canopy, my ears filled
With thrilling notes
That float upon the wind,
Over hills and into vales
Of pale-green meadow grass
I pass in joy, my heart aplomb,
Marvelling at all around,
Astounded by each sight,
Each sound a strum
Played deep inside my grateful soul

From within the bushes green
And plush I hear a croaking call,
Enthralled I venture by
To spy the source,
A squat brown frog throbs
Lyrically amidst the marsh
Bobbing in calm bliss,
Curious I encroach
But begone he leaps beyond
His bushy rest with strident sound,
I follow as on each playful bound
He teasing calls in clanging voice,
His melodies enticing me to chase

I clamber up a hill until
Atop the snow-clad tip I heed
The sky turn crimson red,
The setting Sun an ochre disc
Dips below the woods afar,
Yet rising from the sea
I see the pearl-white Moon
Ascend in ardent grace

Diamond stars peek through
The sky as dusk descends
And shadows spill across the
Island whole
I stop and stare in marvel struck
By the radiant sight of starlight
Reflected shimmering
Across the darkened sea,
Like black glass blinking
In hypnotic rhythm across the
Broad expanse beyond,
Whilst silver meteors stream
With beaming trail across
The glimmered curtain overhead,
Hours pass as entranced I watch
The wheeling heavens turn,
And the peaceful buzz of night
Plays its solemn hymn

My trance is broken by the
Rosy blush spreading from the east,
A feast of red and violet mix and merge,
Surging in the slowly blooming sky,
Intrepid expectation sweeps
Across the waiting land
A grand crescendo growing
With incessant beat,
A streak of yellow peeks above
The rim, and suddenly
The chorus of the dawn erupts,
My heart swells as the
Majestic Sun bursts through the morning sky,
Rising in strident glory,
The land awakens, the trees and flowers
Bask in splendrous sunshine,
Raw joy pulsing through the air
In fanfare loud and brazen

But I felt then a flood of sorrow
To know the flow of time
Would steal this moment away,
Each day changing as
The seasons march anew,
All this must fall to solemn
Autumn and Winter cold,
No hold could keep me here
On this island dear, my own life
Not eternal, my passing destined too.

But for now I live and love in Spring,
Not thinking of tomorrow
Whilst the Sun still shines and
Trees still flutter, frogs
Still bound and songs of utter
Joy are played amidst the dazzling
Colours and the chorus
Of enchanting Proteus.

[Inspired by Proteus]
[Edit: Check out this great article on Proteus being used as a writing motivation in a school.]

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  1. Hi Darren,

    Here's my post about using the game, and your poem, in the classroom. Thanks again for your help!