Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Stars and I

Alone I fly through a womb of stars,
Their dense clouds birthing all we are,
Their light a comfort and a guide
Here I fly, the stars and I

My silence is rudely broken.
A stroke fired from a viper in the dark,
Some pirate or hunter after another mark

I spin, I thrust, the trigger pulled,
My lasers burst through shield and hull,
From split metal bright light briefly pours,
Before light and life are no more

Alone again amidst the stars,
In dark and light I quietly fly,
Here I live, the stars and I

But what if I were the one to fall?
My voided breath a silent call,
Metal tearing from my ship,
As soundless scream escapes my lips...

It may happen in this dangerous place,
Our space filled with greed and pride
Where hunters lurk and pirates hide

But then a smile will cross my skull,
As briefly torn from metal hull
In the cold black I will freely fly!
There will be naught between the stars and I.

[Inspired by Frontier: Elite II]

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